MRS.Contractor  only registered reflexologist  in India, working since 20 years has achieved miracles and set a trend to make people adopting this therapy with trust and faith.  

A pharmacy graduate with diploma in business management came to know about acupressure first time in 1985 while studying in 3rd year of pharmacy. Her journey started as an approved acupressure therapist with first patient of gout.  

While working at London  in 2003 she got an opportunity to do graduation  in reflexology and become registered reflexologist. She is feeling proud to be student of IIR a parent institute of founder late Hon. Madam Eunice Ingham.  She was following Ingham method only being acupressure therapist. Her tutor Hagar Basis insisted to join post graduation at the same time appreciating her work and experience of 17years as therapist.  Mrs. Contractor  felt great honor for her tutor and IIR. She has already finished two higher level of post graduation and only third higher level left. She will be pride for the nation to be only Indian A.R.T.(regd) practitioner in the world. At present she is only registered reflexologist in India  

  Mrs . contractor said that during her journey as therapist she found that while treatment patience is must at both ends, patient as well as healer. Result and time required for treatments depend on how body responds for therapy. Normally it happens that patient requires quick result and if his/her body responds slowly it may take longer time than another person of same conditions. She experienced that person left the treatment half way and stated the therapy was not effective. This is absolutely negative approach and that is the reason she insists to create awareness of therapy.  She is against the malpractice. She says anatomy-physiology study is must for being alternative medicinal therapist. You can not get good result by pressing points described on TV channel or reading a book/magazine. Treatment from qualified therapist give you result in totality.  

    Reflexology is defined as the science that deals with reflexes in feet, which correspond, to all parts of body, organs and glands. It is suitable for all ages. Reflexology helps to relieve stress and tensions, to improve blood supply and promoting unblocking of nerve impulses, to allow body to normalize. Reflexology is a health practice without contradictions. This is a safe, effective and reliable process. Reflexology also helps to strengthen and reinforce all systems in the body. Reflexology never diagnoses, prescribe and treat specific condition. During treatment she works on feet with thumb and fingers. Ingham method never allows to use any instruments and articles to apply pressure.    

Apart from reflexologist Mrs.. contractor is also a reiki  master, karuna reiki  master and crystal healer and teacher since 1998. She learnt reiki I in nov. 1996 and became master-grand mastere in jan 1998. There are about 450 students in her lineage, 12 masters and 4 grandmasters. She was encouraged to learn reiki by her 2.5years cerebral palsy patient. She always believes that " REIKI SHOWERS ENDLESS BLESSINGS ON YOU" and "REIKI IS A ART TO INVITE HAPPINESS IN LIFE". She herself has experienced bundles of miracles in her life. She prays gratitude to reiki for everything in her life. She is always available for online consultation.

Being reflexologist she has worked for diseases where allopathy has own restrictions. She has worked for cerebral palsy, severe sciatica, paraplegia, myasthenia, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis (rheumatoid, gout), spinal injuries, back pain,  hormonal disorders, sinusitis etc etc.

You can see her work in other page:" case history".

Mrs. H. Contractor
   (B.Pharm. D.B.M. MIIR (Regd.)

reiki healer and master

certified yoga teacher